A little thing that could make my life a whole lot easier.


My therapist has given me lots of great advice. And I own around a dozen books devoted to mental health that do the same.

Good information. Lots of information. Sometimes hard to remember information. So, I sometimes wish I could lug my mental health bookshelf and session notes around with me.

But since I can’t do that, right now I wear for a bracelet to simply remind me when I’m in the throes of Anxiety to come back to the real present time rather than get stuck in a disastrous future I sometimes dream up.

Now, I want(ed) the bracelet to remind me of all the things I’ve learned from my therapy visits and books. But accessing my memory is hard when I’m falling into a panic attack.

So while I’ll keep my bracelet to help me remember the easy stuff, what I really want is a series of laminated cards, a durable bundle of small cheat sheets developed by a mental health professional that would succinctly walk me through successful life strategies and in-the-moment tactics to jar my brain into a better place.

Here’s a list of topics for cheat sheets I’d happily keep in my bag:

  • healthy ways start your day off right
  • proven relaxation techniques
  • what you should do if you feel Anxiety approaching
  • identifying your triggers
  • how to survive a panic attack
  • how to take care of yourself when you are depressed
  • questions to ask yourself when you are anxious / depressed
  • how to exit a public conversation when you feel yourself spiraling downward

Readers, feel free to suggest other cheat sheets you’d like.

And if anyone knows where I can actually find cheat sheets like this, let me (all of us) know. I’d gladly part with some cash to add this tool to my mental health toolbox.



  1. Richard Lauhead 17 March 2016 at 6:42 am

    Convert notes to PDF and put them and all your books on Kindle.

    • dahlmichael 17 March 2016 at 6:47 am

      Good idea. And I kind of do something like that. But a mental health professional could really do this better and make it useful for a broader population. Also, typing up the notes from my books and sessions would take tons of time. You should see how many highlights are in any book I read!


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