creative mind, happy mind

I’ve just realized — while daydreaming and walking my pup this morning — that one of the major ways I keep myself in a better mental state is to engage my creative side. Blogging (e.g. writing posts and dreaming up new websites and formats) is one of my major avenues for expressing myself. Taking and sharing photos — mainly of my garden and travels, but sometimes appearances of Squish and Mr. Fender) are also major outlets. Imagining funky advocacy campaigns, drawing garden sketches, daydreaming while walking my pup, piecing together set lists for Sunday Evening YouTube concerts … each of these are places my brain naturally goes … well, at least when my mind is in a healthy place.

Notice the loop. I use creativity to get / keep my brain in a happy place. And my brain is a fountain of creativity when it’s healthy.

I hate getting caught in ruts. Writer’s block, the grey days of winter (not good for photography), and the inability to engage in fun daydreams are often precursors to depressive thoughts and Anxiety getting ready to pounce.

Today I am in a bit of a rut — which is partially why I am writing this post … forced creativity, let’s call it. In addition to that, I have an idea for a photography blog. It’d be quite an investment of time (and a little of money). But if I’m in a rut, wouldn’t the time spent and investment of cash be worth it?

Oh well, I will try my best to keep my mind in a creative place today, because as I have written before, Sunday’s can suck (mental health wise), and I’d prefer not to go there.

I’m curious dear readers, how do you keep your minds in a healthy place?