The roller coaster called “Life”

Life is a roller coaster, and mental health is complicated. This week — if I hadn’t already known this — would have served as good education.

Yep. I’ve had to deal with a hefty share of Anxiety and periodic depressive thoughts. Per usual, I probably over think things. Had a tough week placed my brain in this place (situational)? Has some trigger been what’s responsible for my difficult bearings? I dunno. Or has the busy week — and resulting forgetting to take my meds a couple times — forced this Anxiety and funk upon me?

It’s probably worth putting a little reflection into the past week; but most of my time would really be better spent working to reset my brain and banish the negative thinking and resulting Anxiety … if that’s possible.

I’m not going to report on this past week in this blog post. I’m simply going to let the basic act of writing work wonders on my mood. Writing (even cryptically) helps my brain process and then move on.

Truth be told, I’m really writing this post because I don’t want a trying week to bleed into what could be a fine weekend.

Good temperatures will let me do a little yard work (i.e. cutting back my yard’s decorative, dried grasses so springtime will allow new, green grasses to start growing; cutting straw, so it can easily be worked into the soil in my raised beds once it thaws). Yard and garden work — and the often rote actions involved — are very therapeutic for my brain. If time allows, I also have some reading and binge Netflix-watching I could do. And then there’s exploring new music that’s been released this week. Sometimes I’m into sampling new tunes, sometimes not. This weekend (at least right now) feels like a weekend made for music.

Well, readers, I don’t know how interesting this post has been for you, but it — at least temporarily — took my brain from a bad place to what feels pretty normal.


p.s. A visit with my therapist would probably be a good idea.