Prone to hope turns 100.

Just the other day I realized that Prone to Hope hit a milestone. I have posted 100 entries regarding Depression and Anxiety since the blog began with the post “Through the panic” on March 28, 2015 (written three days after the actual experience).

While the marker provides me an opportunity to reflect on my hard work to make progress on my mental health, I’m also trying to figure out how to improve what I have always reported are this site’s aims:

  • One of the worst feelings when you are experiencing Anxiety and / or Depression is that you feel so alone, so isolated. You even convince yourself that no one understands or even wants to know what you are going through. I share my experience because I’ve been told that my sharing has helped others not feel so alone and isolated.
  • I want to fight the stigma attached to mental illnesses. Some people still have backward thoughts about people who suffer from mood disorders. Some think of us as weak; but it takes incredible strength to live with a mental illness. Some think of us as people who can’t contribute to the rest of society. There may be times when it’s hard to contribute; but it doesn’t mean we don’t try and often succeed despite the odds against us.
  • I want people who don’t suffer from Anxiety and Depression to know at least one perspective about what it’s like. Also, I’ve been told that my writing has helped others who have friends, family, and / or colleagues who suffer from Anxiety and / or Depression understand what is still an issue closeted in some segments of society.
  • Writing about my Anxiety and Depression is therapeutic to me. And, writing about my Anxiety while I am experiencing it is turbo therapeutic at helping me get through the panic.

For this blog’s followers I have a request: if you can think of anything, comment, email, or private message me on Facebook ways to improve this site’s usefulness:

  • Should I just keep up what I am doing? That’s good enough.
  • Should I tag or categorize posts based on their content (e.g. how Anxiety can also result in severe physical pain, how to help a friend or colleague if they are in the depths of Depression or Anxiety, etc.)?
  • Are there questions or aspects I haven’t covered that you would find helpful?
  • Any other ideas? All suggestions are welcomed.

As for posts on the horizon, I am thinking of posting a synopsis of my struggle / progress with links to important markers along the way. For example:

  • how it all began
  • what the beginning felt like
  • finding another med doctor and therapist
  • what talk therapy helps you accomplish
  • what it was like to find the next iteration of medications that brought me to where I am
  • when I realized I had broken through to the other side of Depression (if not Anxiety)
  • steps I have taken to reduce my Anxiety
  • etc.