the buoys of Friday

Thanks to writing, even though my first, second, third (and sometimes more) drafts suck, I let each slight improvement stay on my blog until I reach the next closest thing to what I wanted to convey. Writing helps me process what’s going on in my head, and the early despair and urgency in my head does not give way to pretty or grammatically correct drafts.

Thanks to Rebecca, who listened to me as I was a pile of snot and tears yesterday, and who helped me stop beating myself up. If ever there were a reigning title of “best unpaid mental health coach,” she’d get it.

Thanks to all the props from friends, neighbors, and loved ones. The path from despair to hope is not a comfortable path to travel. Meeting and listening to people along the way make the path a bit easier to travel.

Thanks to the community of social justice advocates as well as the nervous and/or doubtful people who break out of their shells to take action. Together, we can and have to build a better tomorrow. We must work for a tomorrow where people not only have to suffer less, but actually have opportunities to thrive.

Thanks to Luca for being a puppy. Puppies are awesome.

Thanks to U2. “Love is bigger than anything in its way.”

Thanks to my seed catalogs … there are few things more hopeful than seeds.