the kindness of friends

There are several methods you can use to lessen or evade the emotional and physical pain of Anxiety before, during, and after It hits you. But few things, I think, are as helpful as the support of friends — as the link in the prior sentence demonstrates.

I’ve often noted that one reason I keep up with this blog is to share with people that they are not alone. I’m even willing to answer questions, if you’re willing to accept that I’m not a professional, and I will recommend that people seek professional help to address their struggles with mental illnesses. I’m also just one guy whose experience is unique, so take my advice for what it’s worth.

Anyhow, I’ve strayed from the topic of this blog post.

I want to say “Thank you” to the friends and colleagues who’ve reached out to be there for me.

One friend prays for me often. While I am an atheist, I accept his prayers and good vibes being sent my way. I’m also grateful that he’s willing to talk to me anytime I need help. Another friend sent me lyrics to a song with a powerful message of hope. (I need to cut and paste those lyrics someplace prominent.) Still another friend chats with me often. When she asks how I am doing, she wants an honest answer … so refreshing. And one more friend meets with me regularly. He doesn’t act put upon when I bring up the painful things that go on in my head.

Now, I am fortunate. Because I’ve accepted the risks of being very open about my struggles with Anxiety and Depression, my support network knows they can be openly supportive of me when I need it. I know that being open about your mental illness is not something everyone can do, or at least not to the extent that I am open about mine.

But, again, “Thank you, friends.” You mean the world to me.