Trying to put yesterday in my past.

Yesterday was a terrible day. I felt embarrassed to be me. And I nearly took down this blog as depressive thoughts glommed onto the Anxiety I was feeling. Truth be told, while it’s not rational, I still feel embarrassed about myself yesterday. But I’m trying to allow Sunday to just be part of the past.

That said, attempt one at adjusting my “chill pill” (which my mental health med doctor has given me permission to try): FAIL!

Thankfully, once things got unbearable, I took a half a pill in the afternoon and then another half at bedtime. While it’s not my regular dosage, this morning I took another half pill to see if a slight reduction in the usual daily dosage will be okay. I’m still a little on edge, but I want to see if the cumulative effect of a day back on the med sets me back to normalcy.

If this works — scaling back the brain fog, tiredness, and Anxiety — or if I’m just a little on edge today, I will try to discipline myself to do other things that can ratchet down Anxiety. I haven’t given meditation the shot it deserves. I also haven’t been regular at morning exercises, which can tire out stressed nerves and muscles as well as releasing good chemicals in my brain.   I will try to put both meditation and exercise into my morning routine.

Wish me luck.