Addressing Anxiety by focusing on the present

One of the strategies I use to address my Anxiety is to bring my mind “into the now,” to just be.  

If I feel Anxiety coming on, one of the worst things I can do is succumb to the illness’ desire to make me amplify my past mistakes and let them haunt me or worry about what the future brings and how incapable I feel in being able to face it. Do you do this?  

If so, try not to follow Anxiety. Instead, focus on the moment at hand.  

Today I was reminded of how picking beans is one of the best ways for me to place my mind into the now. I gaze at a thicket of leaves, wave my hand back and forth, even stick my head right into the leaves to see what, if anything, is right next to them.

In fact, picking beans forces me to see differently. For the duration of the task, I must train my eyes to see different shapes and shades. At first, I look at and behind and around the leaves. I see nothing except the leaves. And then it happens. I find what I am looking for. Sometimes one, sometimes a half a dozen beans appear where before I saw none.

All I can do is focus. The past disappears. The future … there’s no time for that now. Just focus. I can only train my attention on the task of finding one string of beans and then the next.

Any Anxiety, any stress, at least for awhile, disappears.  

My mind becomes calm.