With gratitude: I am not alone.

Many people struggle privately with Anxiety and Depression for fear of being seen as weak, being pegged with a stigma, or even facing discrimination. And so, one of the reasons I keep this blog is to help others who struggle with the twin demons know that they are not alone.

Until recently, it hadn’t surfaced in my brain that the isolation goes both ways. While I am very public about my struggle, there are still things I rarely share and then only in private conversations with people who (rightly) feel they can talk to me about what they are going through.

As they share, so do I.

A few times in the past couple of months, I’ve been approached by people who want to thank me for maintaining this blog. I, of course, express my appreciation. But sometimes I ask them for advice on how it’s helpful and if I should keep on writing. As the conversations have unfolded, I’ve felt comfortable sharing things that I regularly keep to myself.

While I am relatively healthy right now, I always note that I’m not at 100 percent. I still experience Anxiety, although at a significantly lower frequency and intensity than I did before. And my mental health meds are not perfect; that is, there are a couple of annoying to sad side effects I must contend with regularly.

In sharing (in a safe place with the right people) I’ve learned that I am not alone. The strange things I do when I get anxious, some others do too. Those annoying to sad side effects that I felt were mine and mine alone, others experience too.

Anyhow, I wanted to let people know that I too feel isolated and alone at times. I’ve bottled some things up, which I don’t believe is a healthy thing to do.

And so, I want to thank those who’ve helped me over the past couple of months. Our conversations have been incredibly affirming to me. Again, thank you so much.