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Author: Michael Dahl

What my panic attacks feel like.

Chronic Anxiety is a mental illness that can bring with it painful, physical manifestations. In fact, when Anxiety turns into a full-blown panic attack, the suffering It inflicts on your body often feels unbearable. The felt aspects of these attacks are numerous may differ from individual to individual. All the same, I thought it might […]

Being a cheerleader for myself.

Most people who know me know that I was a cheerleader in high school. I loved it. Our squad did tons of stunts I would have never thought possible to be part of until we trained every day to get the flips and throws and other acrobatics to performance level. Another thing I really liked […]

Have Compassion for Someone Who Has Just Gone to Therapy

This may seem pretty basic, but I think it deserves noting: mental health therapy is hard. It’s hard in the best possible of ways. The person who is going is trying to heal their wounded mind.  And, just as healing comes with its discomforts and trials on a physical front, such is the case from […]

Catastrophizing, Anxiety, and panic attacks

In getting myself ready to start writing for my blog, Prone to Hope, again, I decided to sample about twenty of my previous entries (some published, some still in draft form).  I observed that many of the entries mention negative self-talk, putting myself down as an idiot or a stupid failure. For example, let’s say […]

Reviving Prone to Hope & ways to deal with negative self-chatter.

The following post is stolen word-for-word from a Facebook post I wrote this morning. Read no further if you’ve seen that. But please leave a comment if you like. I’m thinking about reviving my blog, “Prone to Hope.” I’ve been engaged in a lot of Anxiety-induced, negative self-talk for the past couple of months. It’s helpful […]

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