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Author: Michael

A little Anxiety Assessment in prep for doc visit

Next week I check in with my mental health med doctor after a couple of months of my responsibility to stay stable and tweak my augmentation meds as needed. I figure now is a good time to do a little assessment, consider recommendations I’d like to make, and put on my radar aspects of my […]

Anxiety & Depression make 2015 complicated year.

It’s hard to say I’d wish away a year of my life when I reached a weight I’ve been trying to reach since my mid-twenties. This year I lost 21 pounds; the year before, another 21; and for several years before that I slowly shed the 18 pounds that once had me at 200 pounds. […]

I hate my bully, Anxiety. Surprise panic attack hits.

Yesterday I sat in my car, idling in park for 15 minutes. Some of the time I was crying; some of the time I was just staring blankly into space trying to calm my mind. About an hour earlier I had experienced a full-blown panic attack in the company of others. I’m pretty sure I […]

find the right doctor and therapist

A mental health doctor who prescribes medications tries to find the right med (or med cocktail) that allows your moods to fit the situations you are in, not find a med (mix) that elates or numbs you regardless of the life circumstance. And my educated (and experiential) guess about mental health therapy is that it’s […]

Gratitude reduces anxiety, improves mood, deepens friendships.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving: a holiday that reminds us to express gratitude, to give thanks. I actually see Thanksgiving not as a simple reminder. I see it as a commandment of sorts. With all that is mean and wrong and difficult in this world, we would all be better if we found more time […]

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