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Posted on 11 September 2015 by Michael

healing is hard work

Yesterday’s therapy visit was tough.  I mean really tough. As with each visit, I try to start out with my strengths:  I (my mind) is feeling better.  I (my mind) is getting stronger.  I (my whole self) have made considerable strides to successfully navigate the world in this new me I’ve become since this latest Read More

Posted on 10 September 2015 by Michael

gardening: medicine for a wounded mind

In her short essay, “Value Added,” Anna Pavord writes “My garden not only gives me pleasure, it instills calm, grafts patience into my soul.  Gardening slows me down and puts worries in proportion. My garden teaches me to be observant and how to looks at things.  I become less inclined to leap to conclusions or Read More

Posted on 3 September 2015 by Michael

getting stronger everyday and more tools in my mental health toolbox

I belong to a couple online mental health support groups.  They are each fairly large communities of people who struggle with their wounded minds. and feel stronger through camaraderie.   The members — including me — share what’s going on with our days and if we’re doing okay or not.  Many of us try our Read More

Posted on 21 August 2015 by Michael

the pain of reconciling personal responsibility and social justice

I broke down in my therapy visit yesterday.  I was bawling uncontrollably.  Trying to get words out as raw nerves had just been exposed … ones I was not aware were troubling me so. I was unprepared for the gurgling up of passion and pain that minutes before were unconsciously deep in my brain and Read More

Posted on 21 August 2015 by Michael

I want the return of snazzy.

I so want to return to that guy who uses the word “snazzy” like 100 times a day because I absolutely mean and feel it. I want to stop being constantly afraid and tired. Thankfully, I’ve been having a greater mix of good days — or good periods of okay days than bad experiences of Read More

Posted on 12 August 2015 by Michael

Depression, Anxiety, strength, exhaustion, pride, and loss

I don’t believe I am weak because I suffer from chronic Depression and Anxiety. I know it takes incredible strength to claw your way out of Depression.  It’s something I’ve recently accomplished. I also know it takes incredible strength and willpower to go toe-to-toe with Anxiety. Despite this strength … despite my recent success in Read More

Posted on 2 August 2015 by Michael

getting to know the new Michael Dahl and tinker with how he thinks

Yesterday, the morning sun shown brightly through the side windows of the yoga studio I was at.  I was sitting in Hero’s Pose several minutes before the beginning of class.  I was the only one in the room.  Silence.  My mind and my body just sat in the present.  I was aware of nothing. And Read More

Posted on 24 July 2015 by Michael

Anxiety: planning for it and taking away some of its tools

Yesterday was was one of the days I was not able to get ahead of Anxiety. The day started out all wrong because — as happens sometimes — I forgot to take my meds the day before.  Actually, I didn’t forget to take all my meds (i.e. I took my sinus meds, my chill pills, Read More

Posted on 21 July 2015 by Michael

my demon’s name is Anxiety

Okay, first the good news:  My brain no longer permanently resides in hell.  Sometimes my brain decides to wander there.  But I am grateful that’s not a permanent state. My new mental health medication has — for the most part — put my severe Depression in the rearview mirror; and my Anxiety levels are considerably Read More

Posted on 29 June 2015 by Michael

The Day the Music Returns

This post is being published at 4 am CDT; but I’m in Maui, so it’s 11 pm.  Just got here.  Boy am I tired. As I am on vacation, I hope the posts about Anxiety and Depression can take a breather.  Heck, wouldn’t it be awesome if my meds got my brain better by the Read More

Posted on 24 June 2015 by Michael

the bumpy path to better: part 2

I’m dressed in one of my power outfits.  It’s not a suit.  It’s just a nice shirt and nice pants that fall pleasantly on my body.  My shirt is a slightly lighter version of lavender.  The second to the top button is high, so as to not expose too much of a tee shirt below, Read More

Posted on 30 May 2015 by Michael

Where does hope come from when I feel like a complete failure?

Today began quite nicely, as have the past few days.  It seems(ed) my mood is / was improving.  The depressive feelings are / were definitely receding.  And while the Anxiety is still sticking around, at least it isn’t / wasn’t at panic level mode. Some folks checking in on my social media feeds said they Read More

Posted on 23 May 2015 by Michael

There is no one alive who is Youer than You:  the unique impact of a mental health medication.

To begin, as an aside:  I am a lucky guy. I am surrounded by many people who understand — or try their very best to understand — that dealing with chronic Anxiety and Depression sucks.  They also appear to understand — or simply accept — that the struggle is not (for many of those who Read More

Posted on 21 May 2015 by Michael

Yesterday I fell into a black hole.

In astronomy, a black hole is a region of space-time — the intersection of two dimensions — where / when there is such a strong gravitational pull that nothing — no matter, no light — can escape.  Space, time, mater, and light collapse into each other, occupying a “space” that seems far to small for Read More

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