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What my panic attacks feel like.

Chronic Anxiety is a mental illness that can bring with it painful, physical manifestations. In fact, when Anxiety turns into a full-blown panic attack, the suffering It inflicts on your body often feels unbearable. The felt aspects of these attacks are numerous may differ from individual to individual. All the same, I thought it might […]

Being a cheerleader for myself.

Most people who know me know that I was a cheerleader in high school. I loved it. Our squad did tons of stunts I would have never thought possible to be part of until we trained every day to get the flips and throws and other acrobatics to performance level. Another thing I really liked […]

Reviving Prone to Hope & ways to deal with negative self-chatter.

The following post is stolen word-for-word from a Facebook post I wrote this morning. Read no further if you’ve seen that. But please leave a comment if you like. I’m thinking about reviving my blog, “Prone to Hope.” I’ve been engaged in a lot of Anxiety-induced, negative self-talk for the past couple of months. It’s helpful […]

Prone to Hope Turns Five

Today this blog hits its fifth anniversary with 143 posts. Yay? Is this a milestone to celebrate? Hmmm. No. But it is a worth acknowledging. I’ve grown a lot in how to handle Anxiety since Prone to Hope began. I am much better than when I wrote the first post, which was literally about me […]

My happy light is, in fact, making me happier!

I’m a little more than two weeks into using my “happy light.” As stated in the previous post, I started using the light at the direction of my mental health med doctor. I recently noted to her that I started feeling more anxious in the morning around late-October and was engaging in more negative self-talk […]

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