• five days into much better mental health (part 1)

    five days into much better mental health (part 1)

    This past Monday my mental health med doctor tweaked my meds a bit once more. It was a game changer for the better — much better. I went from being a guy who was almost constantly at least a bit […]

  • fingers still crossed

    fingers still crossed

    Yesterday I saw my mental health med doctor and believe I was treated to the best of both worlds. After talking about my differing levels of Anxiety depending on my use of the “use only as needed” chill pills, I […]

  • rote pleasures

    rote pleasures

    Picking produce, weeding the garden, clicking snapshots, and improving my blogs are just a handful of the rote pleasures I try to work into my days as often as possible. The aim is to flood my brain with serotonin (a […]

  • a mixture of emotions

    a mixture of emotions

    For the past few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Of course, I have periods of anxiousness (i.e. situationally-induced, and / or when I cut back on my “as needed” chill pills). And then I have […]

  • creative mind, happy mind

    creative mind, happy mind

    I’ve just realized — while daydreaming and walking my pup this morning — that one of the major ways I keep myself in a better mental state is to engage my creative side. Blogging (e.g. writing posts and dreaming up […]