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Catastrophizing, Anxiety, and panic attacks

In getting myself ready to start writing for my blog, Prone to Hope, again, I decided to sample about twenty of my previous entries (some published, some still in draft form).  I observed that many of the entries mention negative self-talk, putting myself down as an idiot or a stupid failure. For example, let’s say […]

To err is human. To beat oneself up is Michael.

Low self-esteem, paired with Anxiety, sucks. Because of those mental illness-imprinted traits, I frequently call myself stupid — out loud at home, under my breath in public. I blow my mistakes out of proportion. There are times when I fail to accurately perceive how my thoughts and actions come across to the outside world. And […]

Prone to Hope pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone.

(The following blog post was originally written as an answer to a question posed on another blog I contribute to, the Intellectual Roundtable.  One of my friends, Lee Urton, and I maintain the blog, posting three questions each week with the hopes that followers, first, appreciate the introspection each invites, and second, perhaps feel compelled […]

Low self-esteem is keeping me from true happiness.

This blog is about helping me manage my mental health, letting others know they are not alone in living and dealing with Anxiety and Depression, and showing those who don’t live first-hand with the illnesses what it is like — if only through the eyes and mind of one person. I think I’ve done a […]

The anatomy of today’s panic attack.

My chest is tight with my sternum feeling as if a weight is attached to it. My breathing is a bit irregular. The fascia of my neck and scalp feel taut and twisted. My brain feels like it’s crushing into itself. Emotionally, I’m feeling inadequate. Like a fraud. Intellectually, I’m questioning my every action and […]

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A friend and I maintain another blog, the Intellectual Roundtable, because a question can be a powerful symbol, indicating not just the fact that there is something not known, but of a willingness to find out.