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Being there for people in the throes of loss.

Loss is part of life. You lose a loved one. You suffer a terrible injury, and your mobility is compromised. You move, and proximity to old friends disappears. Changed identities, new iterations of ourselves, are also part of life. Sometimes the changes are great. You get a promotion with more-aligned responsibilities (as well as higher […]

Celebrating despite some challenging realities.

Okay, let’s begin with the great news. This year is proving to be my best year ever! My relationship with Rebecca remains as strong and loving as ever. Our pup, Luca, brings incredible joy to our lives. Rebecca and I experienced a great trip to Greece, and I spent a wonderful week in Copenhagen. I […]

hoping for the best

Trying to put yesterday in my past.

Yesterday was a terrible day. I felt embarrassed to be me. And I nearly took down this blog as depressive thoughts glommed onto the Anxiety I was feeling. Truth be told, while it’s not rational, I still feel embarrassed about myself yesterday. But I’m trying to allow Sunday to just be part of the past. […]

Tinkering with my meds. FAIL.

I’m really bummed out right now. I’m tense; and my nerves feel like they’re frayed. I’m also experiencing some mid-level Anxiety. As I’ve reported many times before, amongst the meds I currently take for my mental health includes a “chill pill” that my mental health med doctor says I have the freedom to take as […]

An assessment of the past two weeks — one good, one bad.

I’ve noticed I write a lot about the physical aspects of panic attacks — the out of the blue perceptions of a clenched throat, frayed nerves, pained and seemingly inelastic lungs, and brick-brain, for example. For me, at times, a panic attack is also accompanied by a period of intense sweating, to the point that […]

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prone to hope

living with Anxiety and Depression


A friend and I maintain another blog, the Intellectual Roundtable, because a question can be a powerful symbol, indicating not just the fact that there is something not known, but of a willingness to find out.