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Catastrophizing, Anxiety, and panic attacks

In getting myself ready to start writing for my blog, Prone to Hope, again, I decided to sample about twenty of my previous entries (some published, some still in draft form).  I observed that many of the entries mention negative self-talk, putting myself down as an idiot or a stupid failure. For example, let’s say […]

Experiencing Anxiety in the Workplace

A reader of this blog recently asked me if I would feel comfortable writing about working while experiencing Anxiety. As Anxiety in this setting can be one of the most challenging situations, I can’t say I feel comfortable writing about it. However, it is a topic I am willing to write a post (or posts) about, as […]

The anatomy of today’s panic attack.

My chest is tight with my sternum feeling as if a weight is attached to it. My breathing is a bit irregular. The fascia of my neck and scalp feel taut and twisted. My brain feels like it’s crushing into itself. Emotionally, I’m feeling inadequate. Like a fraud. Intellectually, I’m questioning my every action and […]

My relationship with my demon named Anxiety.

My demon named Depression is currently treated and has been nearly all the time by the medications I have taken since my mid-thirties. When one med cocktail loses its effectiveness, and the Depression comes oozing into my life again, it’s time for a med change. It is not a fun process to move from one […]

An assessment of the past two weeks — one good, one bad.

I’ve noticed I write a lot about the physical aspects of panic attacks — the out of the blue perceptions of a clenched throat, frayed nerves, pained and seemingly inelastic lungs, and brick-brain, for example. For me, at times, a panic attack is also accompanied by a period of intense sweating, to the point that […]

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