• anxiety currently robs me of snazziness

    anxiety currently robs me of snazziness

    Sad to say: I have not yet figured out how to feel the level of joy I once felt … before my most recent epic battle with Anxiety and Depression. I’ve covered extensively how I have a new relationship with […]

  • head full of doubts

    head full of doubts

    If I swore, I’d be cussing up a storm.  If I believed in a god, I’d be looking skyward and yelling. But my yells wouldn’t be loud, angry screams.  They’d be sobbing words that would be barely audible or understandable, […]

  • depression, anxiety, and the changed self

    depression, anxiety, and the changed self

    Stay with me here.  This post’s intent is to share a bit about how a severe bout with anxiety and depression can change a person — like change their brain.  And in doing so, coming out / recovering on the […]

  • healing is hard work

    healing is hard work

    Yesterday’s therapy visit was tough.  I mean really tough. As with each visit, I try to start out with my strengths:  I (my mind) is feeling better.  I (my mind) is getting stronger.  I (my whole self) have made considerable […]

  • gardening: medicine for a wounded mind

    In her short essay, “Value Added,” Anna Pavord writes “My garden not only gives me pleasure, it instills calm, grafts patience into my soul.  Gardening slows me down and puts worries in proportion. My garden teaches me to be observant […]