• Where does hope come from when I feel like a complete failure?

    Today began quite nicely, as have the past few days.  It seems(ed) my mood is / was improving.  The depressive feelings are / were definitely receding.  And while the Anxiety is still sticking around, at least it isn’t / wasn’t […]

  • There is no one alive who is Youer than You:  the unique impact of a mental health medication.

    To begin, as an aside:  I am a lucky guy. I am surrounded by many people who understand — or try their very best to understand — that dealing with chronic Anxiety and Depression sucks.  They also appear to understand […]

  • Yesterday I fell into a black hole.

    In astronomy, a black hole is a region of space-time — the intersection of two dimensions — where / when there is such a strong gravitational pull that nothing — no matter, no light — can escape.  Space, time, mater, […]

  • Everything is going great, and I feel terrible.

    No lie.  Right now, I am curled up in bed, immobilized by an episode with Depression that’s kept intensifying since last night. I made it to work today.  I got some work done.  Was effective at what I absolutely needed […]

  • between normal and hell

    Several weeks ago I was working on a blog post entitled, “The Things That Scare Michael Dahl.” Bats were on the list I had started to form — I’ve had many scary personal encounters with bats.  The dark was on the […]