• There is no one alive who is Youer than You:  the unique impact of a mental health medication.

    To begin, as an aside:  I am a lucky guy. I am surrounded by many people who understand — or try their very best to understand — that dealing with chronic Anxiety and Depression sucks.  They also appear to understand […]

  • Yesterday I fell into a black hole.

    In astronomy, a black hole is a region of space-time — the intersection of two dimensions — where / when there is such a strong gravitational pull that nothing — no matter, no light — can escape.  Space, time, mater, […]

  • Everything is going great, and I feel terrible.

    No lie.  Right now, I am curled up in bed, immobilized by an episode with Depression that’s kept intensifying since last night. I made it to work today.  I got some work done.  Was effective at what I absolutely needed […]

  • between normal and hell

    Several weeks ago I was working on a blog post entitled, “The Things That Scare Michael Dahl.” Bats were on the list I had started to form — I’ve had many scary personal encounters with bats.  The dark was on the […]

  • my meds have stopped working

    my meds have stopped working

    The mental health medication cocktail that I’ve been relying on for the past several years to keep me normal has stopped working. So that sucks. But I also know that this is often part of life for someone committed to […]