• my meds have stopped working

    my meds have stopped working

    The mental health medication cocktail that I’ve been relying on for the past several years to keep me normal has stopped working. So that sucks. But I also know that this is often part of life for someone committed to […]

  • nearly six weeks of hell

    nearly six weeks of hell

    Next week I am finally getting the professional help I need to work through my latest bout with Anxiety and Depression.  I can’t wait. By the time of my appointment it will have been six weeks since this hell began.  Six weeks!  […]

  • brick-brain, frayed-nerves, drenched shirts

    brick-brain, frayed-nerves, drenched shirts

    I hate it when Anxiety freezes up my mind.  It’s like my brain goes from being a functioning (happy) organ to a brick of cement … frozen, immobilized, in hyper-defense mode, preparing for the world to attack me. Sometimes the […]

  • the days the music dies

    the days the music dies

    The deck was stacked against me.  As a child I had several knocks to my noggin … a couple pretty severe.  I grew up poor with my brain seeped in the chemicals of toxic stress that often accompany poverty.  And […]

  • through the panic

    through the panic

    Earlier this week, I put on my coat, grabbed my bag, and walked out the door.  And then I started to run.  I ran fast enough to make it to my car quickly, but not so fast as to call […]